Renate Terpstra

Aroma Freedom Technique Certified Practitioner

Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner

I am Renate Terpstra. After finishing my education as a Teacher Physical Education, I operated my own outdoor sports school “Renate Sport Organization” for 12 years in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands.

My main focus and passion, was inspiring and motivating people to become more fit, to believe in themselves, and get out of their comfort zone with all kind of outdoor activities. The basic training was in the sand dunes of Noordwijkerhout, but we also skied in the Alps, mountain biked in Belgium, went rafting in Colorado, USA, and went Nordic skiing in Norway. All the team work and activities were incredible and so inspiring.

In 2002 I emigrated from The Netherlands, together with my husband Dirk and our two boys to Vernon, BC, Canada. I absolutely love the nature in beautiful BC where we live for so many years now.

My big passion is coaching people and motivating and inspiring them. We are so much more than we believe we are – As a swim coach, downhill ski coach, HeartMath® practitioner or Aroma Freedom practitioner.

Next to my Coaching sessions, I love to be in nature, to smell the earth, flowers, trees. Some activities I love to do are walking my dog Keisha, hiking in the mountains, especially Glacier National Park in BC, open water swimming and paddle boarding in beautiful Kalamalka Lake, and xc-skiing in the winter at Silver Star Mountain.

Through the work of my husband Dirk Terpstra, who is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, and Founder of Coherence Hotspot, the work of Dr. Joe Dispense and Dr. Bruce Lipton, my training with Psychologist Benjamin Perkus, founder of the Aroma Freedom Technique, and training with the Institute of HeartMath®, I am so inspired to teach as many people as possible the self-regulation tools available to transform your depleting emotions, into renewing emotions, and change your life forever.