The Aroma Freedom TechniqueTM package

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Personalized training package: 2 sessions

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  • The Aroma Freedom technique is the fastest, gentlest, and easiest method to dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, and memories with essential oils. This technique is created by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, Licensed Psychologist. In the 1st session you will learn the science behind the Aroma Freedom technique and practice the Aroma Reset technique. The Aroma Reset is a fast and gentle process for clearing away the negative emotions connected with daily life, such as overwhelm and frustration.  Use this technique daily to stay in the "flow of life.
  • In the 2nd session you will practice the Aroma Freedom technique. The Aroma Freedom TechniqueTM (AFT) has become a sought-after modality because it literally helps us to get from where we are to where we desire to be. Aroma Freedom helps us identify and remove the blocks that have prevented us from becoming our absolute best selves and achieving our heart’s desires. These blocks are a result of limiting beliefs, attitudes and memories developed in the process of growing up in our families and in this world - and they can be transformed. Aroma Freedom helps us to identify the objections that arise in the form of a little voice telling us why we cannot do or have something that we desire. These inner objections are there for a reason. They are there to protect us. We have all experienced pain, loss, anger, frustration, fear, etc. at some point in our lives and when we did, our subconscious mind formed beliefs, thoughts and attitudes to protect us from feeling the pain associated with those experiences should similar circumstances occur. The problem is that our objections are trying to protect us from a situation or situations that never have or no longer exist. The Aroma Freedom TechniqueTM is a simple tool for helping us identify, release and transform the limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions that are interfering with our current life goals and intentions.

Each session (Zoom or in person) is between 60-90 minutes, and includes sample package with Essential Oils.


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