Trauma Sensitive HeartMath Training Package

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Personalized training package: 3 sessions

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  • In the first session you will learn to understand how depleting emotions are effecting your body. We will practice the Heart-Coherence Breathing technique as an effective tool for self-regulation. You can use this technique in the moment to reduce the intensity of depleting emotions.
  • In the 2nd session we will learn and practice the Quick Coherence technique. This technique is used to replace your depleting emotions with ones that can renew your system, emotional regulation, building coherence, increasing energy and resilience.
  • In the 3rd session you will learn and practice the Heart-Lock-In technique. This technique is used for personal practice 10-15 minutes a day, builds a coherent baseline, helps recharge and balance your own system, used in the moment to assist someone with co-regulation and improves and radiates a coherent field for others.

Each session (Zoom or in person) is between 60-90 minutes.


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