My name is Renate Terpstra and I am a professional swim coach and my passion is to help others learn and improve their swimming skills and technique. I am a trained Senior Coach (level 3) and I love to teach you (or your child) how to become a better, faster and more efficient swimmer. One-on-one coaching generates spectacular results. Whether you are training for a triathlon or just want to learn a better swimming technique, I invite you to get in touch with me. You can also book your coaching session online (see below).

Swimmers with a disability – Open for registration!

The coaching of people with a physical disability is very rewarding to me. I am currently coaching young people with a physical disability and, together with the Vernon Recreation Centre, we have created the Okanagan Para Swimming program. This is an incredible opportunity to learn better swimming in a safe and professional environment, develop your body in your own unique way and learn to build more self-esteem and have fun together.
More about the Okanagan Para Swimming program can be found here and please do get in touch with myself or the Vernon Recreation Centre.

Sarah Mehain with coach Renate Terpstra